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Meet PressHERO

PressHERO is an innovative service specifically designed to assist online business owners in obtaining high-value links through efficient and effective responses to journalist queries.

Unlike the conventional ways of responding to media queries, our unique method combines the power of Automation and AI with the know-how of our experienced editors, empowering us to run large-scale link acquisition campaigns based on press inquiries.

As a result, PressHERO clients enjoy substantial cost savings, while still getting exceptional service quality. With PressHERO, you’re investing in more than just a service; you’re securing the most effective, affordable solution for your Editorial Link Acquisition campaigns.

How PressHERO Empowers Your Business

Get Authority Links

Get Your Website Featured on Top-Tier Online Publications and Boost Your Website Rankings

Save Time and Money

Compared to DIY Media Queries Responses, Hiring Freelancers, or Using Traditional Agencies

Get Peace of Mind

Pay Only for Successful, Impactful Placements with the PressHERO Guarantee

Get Featured On Major Media Outlets

We have successfully secured features for our clients on the following prestigious media platforms:

Success Stories: Samples of Our Successful Placements

Here's a glimpse of the type of placements we create for our clients:

NBC News91https://www.nbcnews.com/select/shopping/how-to-clean-shower-curtain-liner-rcna1506605/5/2024
Homes & Gardens78https://www.homesandgardens.com/solved/how-to-use-a-peg-board-to-organize-clothes5/3/2024

How Much Lower Are Our Prices?

This is How Much You Can Save, Thanks to the Combined Power of Automation and AI

Price per Link with PressHERO is

1 %

Than the Cheapest*
Price per Link on the Market

Price per Link with PressHERO is

1 %

Than the Average*
Price per Link on the Market

* Based on a research study conducted on 44 competitors providing comparable journalist-sourced links. 15 competitors did not disclose their prices publicly on their websites. Study completed in November 2023.

Reserarch Methodology

We considered the lowest price per link from each competitor, taking into account the various package sizes they offer.

Notably, the majority of competitors in the market do not provide any form of guarantee regarding link metrics or characteristics. Some of them fail to provide any assurance of delivery at all(!).

How Much Will It Cost You?

We are offering three distinct packages:


Your Heroic Journey Begins


~$250 per Link

See our Guarantee below


Ascend to Legendary Status


~$200 per Link

See our Guarantee below

Best Value


Unfold Your Epic Narrative


~$183 per Link

See our Guarantee below

Only Pay for Placements That Have a Real Impact on Your Results

  • Only links with a Domain Rating (DR) of 50+ will be billed.
  • Links from the same website are chargeable up to the second instance only.
  • Syndicated links with a DR below 70 are not subject to charges.

Relax with our Transparent, Placement-based Pricing

Our pricing is not based on a Retainer. Once you purchase a package from us, we’ll work until all the placements you bought are secured. This ensures a fixed price per placement.

Our Guarantee

Choose Risk-Free: We Stand by Every Placement​

  • Not satisfied with a placement? Just tell us us within 30 days of publishing, and you’ll get a free replacement.
  • Slow service? Ask for a full refund on undelivered placements after 60 days of your first purchase. We’ll stop pitching for 30 days, then refund any undelivered placements.

Getting Started: What is the Onboarding Process and What's Expected from You?

As part of the onboarding process, you’re required to supply us with:

  • Access to a dedicated email for us to send pitches on your behalf. This email should be from a business domain (e.g. @yourbusiness.com), not a generic one such as gmail.com.
  • Basic information about yourself such as your background, experience, and some details about your enterprise.
  • The link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • A high-quality headshot. Don’t worry if you don’t have one at present; we can assist you in getting an excellent one, for free.
The whole process usually requires less than 2.5 hours of our Client’s time.

When Will I Start Receiving Placements and How Many Can I Expect Each Month?

Expect the first placements to be published around one month after your onboarding process is completed.

After your successful onboarding, we’ll commence pitching to journalists on your behalf. However, large online publications often have editorial processes that can span several weeks from pitch reception to publication of the article.

Following the initial phase, you can anticipate receiving anywhere from 3 to 12 placements per month, depending on the specifics of your profile and requirements.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About PressHERO

PressHERO boosted my authority and website traffic through features in top publications like Forbes and Chewy. I highly recommend PressHERO.
PressHERO was instrumental in the growth of our new site, helping it to not only weather through the March Google Update, but take off in both traffic and earnings. The links are very high-quality, mostly exceeding the DR80 mark. We are merely a starter site in a competitive niche with many established sites, but we already have multiple top first-place spots on Google for profitable keywords, which is strong proof of PressHERO's effectiveness.

Hurry Up!

Exclusive Deal for First 40 15 Clients Only

This exclusive offer is restricted to only 40 clients and ensures the most competitive price for our service. After these slots are filled, although we might welcome more clients, we can guarantee that the pricing will be higher.

Grab this opportunity while it lasts!

Special Bonuses Available with This Exclusive Offer

  • As part of our onboarding process, we will conduct a thorough audit and optimization of your website. We’ll ensure that all key elements that could influence the ampaign are effectively in place. This added value service, normally priced at $250, will be provided to you at no extra cost.
  • Lack a professional headshot? Don’t worry, we’ll support you in getting one done, free of charge. You’d normally expect to pay about $250 for this service.
  • Links from sites with DR up to 49, any mention without link, syndicated links from websites with DR less than 70, and any additional links from the same site after the second one will be completely FREE.

Still not convinced?

Our guarantee promises a no-cost replacement link if any provided links are unsatisfactory within 30 days. It also offers a full refund for any unplaced links starting 45 days from the first purchase if the service delivery is not speedy enough. 

The bonuses associated with this offer include a thorough website audit and optimization, assistance in obtaining a professional headshot, and the option to get certain types of additional links for free. 

The total savings associated with the bonuses amount to $500.

Secure your spot now by clicking the button above. This exclusive offer is limited to 40 clients and is valid only until May 31th. Don’t miss out!


What to Expect When Using PressHERO Services

At PressHERO, we offer a comprehensive, white glove Done-For-You service that covers every aspect of a successful journalist inquiry-based link acquisition campaign.

We start by identifying relevant queries that align with your business and areas of expertise. We then craft and send pitches to journalists on your behalf, answering their queries in a manner that highlights your expertise and relevance. Should journalists have any follow-up questions, we engage with them directly to provide additional information. Finally, we monitor the media landscape and provide you with real-time reports on link placements, so you’re always in the loop.

Once you’ve completed the initial onboarding process (which typically requires less than 2.5 hours), our campaign runs autonomously, requiring minimal effort on your part. You can simply sit back, relax, and watch as your website gains valuable links from authoritative publications.

Absolutely! Here you can get a clear idea of our onboarding process and your role in it.

Unfortunately, due to the time-sensitive nature and tight deadlines of our processes, pre-approval of pitches content is not available. However, you will have visibility into the pitches we send out.

We also offer a “Test Mode” feature. If you plan to take advantage of that, during a trial period following your purchase, you can preview the pitches we plan to send—without them actually being sent. This allows you the opportunity to request adjustments or even a full refund before the campaign officially launches.

Certainly! We’re proud of the placements we’ve successfully created for our clients. You can view the most recent ones here.

See here for detailed information on the timeline and the number of placements you can anticipate monthly.

Yes, absolutely. Following the completion of the onboarding process, we will provide you with a secure, private link. This link will allow you to monitor new link placements in real-time as they are detected and added to our system.

Absolutely. You’ll have direct access to the founder for any inquiries, requests, or concerns you may have, ensuring personalized and prompt support.

Our Strategy For Earning Editorial Backlinks

We specialize in crafting targeted responses to journalists’ queries, aligning them with our clients’ specific areas of expertise and the topics they seek recognition for.

Our approach is centered on delivering personalized pitches that resonate with the journalists’ needs, leading to earned media features in major online publications. These appearances are often credited with an editorial link to your website.

See our placement samples to get a sense for the kind of features and links that we can secure for your business. These high-quality backlinks can boost your website’s organic Google ranking.

Links will originate from articles published by well-established online publications (here are some recent examples). This not only boosts your site’s visibility but also enhances its credibility, as being linked from respected sources is a strong signal of trustworthiness.

In this context, the links serve as credit attribution, acknowledging your contribution or quotes within the article.

Typically with this journalist inquiry-based strategy, you will secure links directed to your homepage. However, there is little to no control over the anchor text, which is often your brand name or your own name.

This practice is a common method journalists use when attributing their sources.

While we cannot determine the specific sites where your placements will be nor the characteristics of each individual link, we only charge for links that can positively impact your website rankings (see here for more details). Every additional link that you might end up getting as a result of our engagement is a complimentary bonus.

Responding to journalists’ queries manually is time-consuming and laborious. Imagine scanning hundreds of queries daily, selecting pertinent ones, crafting and sending pitches with very tight deadlines, and then tracking everything on top of it all – it can be overwhelming!

If you are considering outsourcing this task to freelancers – think again. Even if you can find a competent freelancer, it can be quite costly, with no guarantee of success.

Granted, there are agencies that offer this service too, but their rates can be exorbitant. Plus, the quality of their placements is not guaranteed to meet your expectations (learn more about our guarantee).

Based on both our experience and that of our clients, we find such links to be valuable. However, if you’d prefer to avoid them, we can refrain from pitching to outlets that are known for applying the ‘nofollow’ attribute to links or that link exclusively to social media profiles. Regardless, all our link placements come with a satisfaction guarantee that covers this specific concern.

Discover More About PressHERO

PressHERO’s ability to offer lower prices than our competitors stems from our strategic use of advanced AI and automation, which significantly streamline our processes compared to manual methods employed by many of our competitors.

This allows us to operate more efficiently, thereby reducing costs. Moreover, our unique combination of technology and human editorial expertise enables us to tailor our services effectively to our clients’ needs, ensuring superior quality at a much lower price point.

Wondering just how much you can save? Here’s a comparison to illustrate our competitive edge.

PressHERO harnesses the power of automation and artificial intelligence to streamline its operations, making it an invaluable asset for our clients.

We employ automation for retrieving queries from various platforms where journalists send their queries, followed by an AI-driven analysis to determine their relevancy to each individual client. Then our state-of-the-art AI systems generate preliminary draft pitches tailored to each client’s profile. Finally, to ensure timely review and dispatch, we incorporate automation into our editorial processes.

The integration of these technologies with the unmatched mastery and experience of our editors is what makes PressHERO’s service client-centric, affordable, and scalable.

Pre-Sale Questions & Answers

You can make a new purchase once the current order has been delivered, and we will notify you when that opportunity arises.

If you have more than one website, you can place multiple orders simultaneously, with one order for each website.

Absolutely, we offer white-label services tailored for agencies. Please note that each client website requires its own dedicated package, and each client will need to undergo our streamlined onboarding process to ensure the best results.

Absolutely, using a persona as the public face of your website is a strategy we’re familiar with, and one that has yielded successful results for some of our clients.

Certainly, we can build links to websites in languages other than English. However, it’s important to note that the links we secure will be from English-language websites only.

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